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4 months ago

Explore Test

How to read the results...
 The EXPLORE test is given in 8th grade and includes academic testing and career interest surveys.


What's the difference between bullying and conflict? What steps should the student take if this is happening to them?​


10 months ago

Mr. Morey: Counselor for students with last names beginning with A - K.

Mr. Meehan: Counselor for students with last names beginning with L - Z.

Mr. Morey and Mr. Meehan are State of Michigan certified teachers and school counselors.

Free Community Tutoring Program
Kettering University is offering a free Math and Science focused community tutoring program on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. For more information call 810-762-9911.
Comcast Internet Program
Comcast is offering a $9.95 per month internet service to families with children eligible to receive free or reduced school lunches. For more information, please visit or call 1-855-846-8376.